William Luz

William Luz

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GUR joined Tapetes de Beiriz handmade wool tapestry factory to create this new collection.
Beiriz, name of knot and rug, hosted the ancient Fábrica de Tapetes de Beiriz, responsible for creating the name and deserved recognition of this handmade tapestry of high artistic and decorative value, opening its doors in 1918.
All rugs by GUR are handmade, held in a handloom with Portuguese wool using Zagal technique.
Weavers: Anabela Ribeiro, Salete Correia, Arminda da Silva e Virgínia Campos.
GUR rugs are made to order especially for you.
It may take up to 3/4 weeks to ship your product.

Material: 100% Wool 
Dimensions: 39" by 59” (100cm x 150cm)
Dimensions: 59" by 78” (150cm x 200cm)


Due to this product's dependency on raw recycled materials, sometimes the colour palette may vary.*
We try to keep the colours as faithful as possible as displayed on the store.

*Please note that the colours may vary a little from what you see on your monitor.
Care instructions: topical cleaning. Use non-abrasive detergents specific for wool rugs. Let the rug dry well. Do not wrap wet rugs.