Fabrica Features 2nd Edition

This collection is a collaboration between GUR and Fabrica Features curated by Sam Baron.
Fabrica draws three dimensional stories in handwoven rugs, taking a step forward into bold shapes and naive sketches. Each rug represents what goes through the minds of this team of young international designers, taking inspiration from their cultural background and mirroring their diverse creative skills: from product to interactive design, from graphic design to illustration.

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Guglielmo Brambilla, product designer from Italy, joined Fabrica in September 2017. His research usually starts from materials and from the processes that transform them into artefacts. He is fascinated by the narrative hidden in objects and by their power of carrying knowledge, memories and emotions in a more concrete and tactile way. 


Ainhoa Garmendia, product design engineer from San Sebastian, Spain. Her experiences living in Helsinki and later, working in Madrid, gave her a strong interest in telling stories through objects. Her work focuses on bringing awareness to sustainability and contemporary issues. Ainhoa joined the Fabrica Design team in September 2016.

Bianca Otilia Ghiuzan, graphic designer born in the North-East of Romania in 1990. Moved to Italy where she still lives and works.

Chan Wai Hon, a Hong Kong graphic designer, graduate of London College of Communication. Hon has been the designer in LAAB (Hong Kong), and joined Fabrica (Italy) in 2017. His graphic works ranges from print to spatial experience. 

Daniel Benitez, illustrator from Mexico City born in 1990,
founder of WorstSeller Ediciones,
a self-publishing project for fanzines, comics and artist books. 


Elena Bompani, italian product designer with a special passion for drawing and illustration. Elena is particularly interested in the visual and narrative aspect of design, and in her work she loves to combine different languages and disciplines. Elena is part of Fabrica Product Design team since September 2017.

Gianluca Alla, graphic designer currently at Fabrica, has set foot in forty-three countries, so far. Soon forty-four. 

Jochieh Huang (Jenny), product/ object designer from Taipei, graduated from Crafts and Design Department of National Taiwan University of Art in 2015. Jenny joined the Fabrica Product Design Team in April 2016. 

LEONORA GRAY, designer from London, born in 1991. A Spatial Design graduate from Chelsea College of Art, her practice focuses on the poetics of space and objects. She has worked on a variety of projects in London, Paris, Seville and Treviso, including a residency as a Product Designer at Fabrica.


Myungsik Jang, product designer from South Korea. He is interested in the relationship between drawing and objects, 2D and 3D. Joined the Fabrica Design Team in October 2017.

Sebastian Anastasiei, graphic designer and illustrator from Romania. He works across different mediums, focusing on a particular aesthetic. Sebastian joined the Fabrica Design Team in September 2017. 

Sílvia Matias graduated in Communication Design in 2011 and holds a post-graduation in Museology and Museography, from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon. Now she has a new passion, working as a graphic design consultant in Fabrica’s Design team.